Paralympics – From the other Side

12. September 2016


After a long and hectic day and with the help of all my friends I managed to be at the airport in time to discuss with […]
12. September 2016


Rio-5:30 in the morning I arrived and it to me seemed like a miracle, first of all the wheelchair arrived at the airplane, all in order […]
12. September 2016


My birthday, first one to call was my husband which was great! So now I was on duty, checking wheelchair accessibility and re- directing wheelchairs for […]
12. September 2016

2016-09-11 RE- inspection/First competition day

6 horses had to be RE-inspected. For me it was even hard to imagine how to cope with such a situation. I think quiet some people […]
13. September 2016

2016-09-12 2nd Competition Day

Today the sun came out before we even had started and did let us know what Brazilian spring ment. I decided that it was a day […]
14. September 2016

2016-09-13 3rd Competition Day

Follow me through my 3d competition day at Deodoro/Rio A certain routine started today, but nevertheless it is always exciting once a test starts and today […]
16. September 2016


Since I was out yesterday trying to get a glimpse of Brazil I am going to write a bit later, but I won t hold back […]
16. September 2016


Thinks are being too hectic to really keep up with everything. But knowing that some people at home are desperate to know more about us in […]