16. September 2016
Rio – eine neue Perspektive
26. September 2016


Thinks are being too hectic to really keep up with everything. But knowing that some people at home are desperate to know more about us in Rio I will at least post a couple of pictures of the 15th.

Sergio took the Bronze medal in Grade Ia, felt like the gold and it was awesome to see how all the Brazilian went just wild and hilarious. We again had a great audience cheering on everybody, even throughout a very long Grade Is session with 26 competitors.

Even though Germany missed the podium in the individuals they managed to gain back the team silver. Very proud of my team mates, it was tough work and I am very happy that at the end they got reworded. 

A couple of pictures of my working crew… lovely people who do make a great difference. Without them the show would not be what it is. Everybody being so helpful and kind… it makes really long days short. Thanks for letting me be part of it! Julie, Estella, Vitor, Rob, TD s , judges, NTO s…

After a long day we did the sound check in a really short time, thanks to Markus and Holger and all the riders.

But that was not it, because out shortly planned farewell party for Ulf and Carina started. We did it Brazilian style and had a blast… thanks… so now, one more day to go with 36 riders we a ready to rock the field of play one more time!

Angelika Trabert
Angelika Trabert
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