Paralympics – From the other Side

Paralympics - From the other Side


Almost there again, the Paralympics... 4 years after London! My horse then Ariva-Avanti still was young and I would have hoped for a long future together, but her health did not provide that. So after 5 Paralympics (Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Hongkong and London) I , for the first time ever was not able to make it on the German team. Sally , my 7 year old, is good, but not constant enough at the moment. So when I realized this it made me really sad and I was wondering how this would be. Paralympics, me not there... it was even hard to imagine this. ...but soon an idea formed itself in my head (as this is usual the case if something important keeps my brain busy). What about getting a job there? Would they want somebody with a handicap, never seen it, never thought of it! But I know almost all the riders, speak three languages... maybe they would have a job for someone like me! And asking would not hurt!

Those were my thoughts which led to an e mail I wrote to Amanda Bond, explaining my thoughts. After a while I received the following "Hi Geli. ... we discussed how it would not be right to have a Games without you! None of us have had a major comp without you there!! So we would love to be able to have you with us." This was just an e mail, but it meant so much to me. So still not sure if and how this could work I wrote my CV and left it with Amanda. After some time I received another short e mail. YES, the OC invited me to come to Rio as NTO (National Technical Official). I again thought it over on how it would be... hard to imagine, but I came to a conclusion, it all would be better than sitting at home and waiting for results. I want to be with the sport and where it happens. Horses are my passion!

16. September 2016


Thinks are being too hectic to really keep up with everything. But knowing that some people at home are desperate to know more about us in […]
16. September 2016


Since I was out yesterday trying to get a glimpse of Brazil I am going to write a bit later, but I won t hold back […]
14. September 2016

2016-09-13 3rd Competition Day

Follow me through my 3d competition day at Deodoro/Rio A certain routine started today, but nevertheless it is always exciting once a test starts and today […]
13. September 2016

2016-09-12 2nd Competition Day

Today the sun came out before we even had started and did let us know what Brazilian spring ment. I decided that it was a day […]
12. September 2016

2016-09-11 RE- inspection/First competition day

6 horses had to be RE-inspected. For me it was even hard to imagine how to cope with such a situation. I think quiet some people […]
12. September 2016


My birthday, first one to call was my husband which was great! So now I was on duty, checking wheelchair accessibility and re- directing wheelchairs for […]
12. September 2016


Rio-5:30 in the morning I arrived and it to me seemed like a miracle, first of all the wheelchair arrived at the airplane, all in order […]
12. September 2016


After a long and hectic day and with the help of all my friends I managed to be at the airport in time to discuss with […]

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Rio Medial