2016-09-12 2nd Competition Day
13. September 2016
16. September 2016

2016-09-13 3rd Competition Day

Follow me through my 3d competition day at Deodoro/Rio


A certain routine started today, but nevertheless it is always exciting once a test starts and today was a special test, because it would have been my Grade to compete in . 😋 so it was a bit mixed emotions. But I did not really have the time to think that over, because 19 minutes before the start they started to take the ramp apart to make it longer. (something we had asked 2 days ago) After quiet some talking we convinced them to leave it for now and come back at lunchtime… when they disappeared, I was pretty sure I would not see them again…..


I was very happy for Steffen that he came 3d and managed a good round on his lovely horse, and Claudia s debut with more than 69% was a great start, nevertheless I would have loved to compete myself.

It was awfully hot and when it was measured … we found out that it was 44,4℃ in the sun with 21% humidity.


Here are some more impressions of the day.











After lunchtime it was the Championship test Grade III, very exciting with very close results. But when I went my usual way to bring the athletes to the mixed zone it took me by surprise, a new ramp had appeared out if nothing, just like we had asked for,… how brilliant, just a bit later than needed (Rampenbild)


Congratulations to Norway, Denmark and Sweden, it was awesome to see how happy a person can be.

th_img-20160913-wa0016 th_img-20160913-wa0019




Big thank you goes to Lena, for providing some really nice photos.



When off duty, I decided to go for once someplace else together with Hope Hand from the USA. So at the end I suppose we did everything we should not have done:

  1. We went on an athletes bus – where we did not have accreditation for
  2. We went into the Paralympic village – where they should not have let us in
  3. We got taken for a tour – where we should not have been allowed
  4. We took a taxi – that we did not know, but it brought us back to Deodoro with no problem.

So altogether we had a fun evening😂


Angelika Trabert
Angelika Trabert
"It's ABILITY, not DISABILITY that Counts !"

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