2016-09-11 RE- inspection/First competition day
12. September 2016
2016-09-13 3rd Competition Day
14. September 2016

2016-09-12 2nd Competition Day

Today the sun came out before we even had started and did let us know what Brazilian spring ment. I decided that it was a day for not wearing the jacket and dressed in my blouse only, especially because of my duty. I was going to be in the sun most of the time. Competition started at 10 am and the last rider finished shortly after 5 pm. The following sign did make life a bit easier 😁. This way I continued to bring everyone who was needed to the media, giving me the chance to get a glimpse of every ride.



and some people it gave a good laugh.

Competition itself was tight and we did see a lot of really good rides in both Grades (IV and Ia). Thanks for letting me join the crew. It ‚ s fun working with all of you.


All the horses looked pretty good, but the Brazilian friendly horse was a class of its own.


The grooms village were. I sleep is really close by, we just have to get up a ramp, salute the soldier, pass a little bridge… For me by passing this bridge I do enter a different world, I do enter Brazil… it smells different, reminds me a lot of Africa, because I mostly smell woodfire… I start hearing the animals, sometimes you see a lizard or even a „monkey“. I just wish I would have more time to explore the country side and it’s culture and people. But this is not for now… but maybe there is a chance of coming back.


Angelika Trabert
Angelika Trabert
"It's ABILITY, not DISABILITY that Counts !"

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