12. September 2016
12. September 2016


Rio-5:30 in the morning I arrived and it to me seemed like a miracle, first of all the wheelchair arrived at the airplane, all in order and functioning, second was my luggage, no problem at all and then my freeliner appeared like if it was nothing. The Brazilian peopke where so friendly and always managed to solve the problem in one or the other way. The freeliner did not fit in the car, but with 5 people at the end… we did it!


The accreditation was supposed to be at the venue in Deodoro.. never had I arrived without my accreditation card and therefore had my doubts. But my name was put into the computer and surprisingly within 3 minutes my accreditation was printed! The room was a big surprise too, everything was wheelchair accessible with lots of space.

My duty of the day was to receive my „uniform“. I had the chance to do this by car with 2 other officials. 

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Lucky me, even though we broke down on the highway with a flat tire, after hitting two massive holes, we got back in time for a meeting, all the others who had gone by bus came only back after 8 hours, when everybody was finished.

Angelika Trabert
Angelika Trabert
"It's ABILITY, not DISABILITY that Counts !"

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